Education at the core

Just as much as we love to design lovely clothing, we are passionate that those clothes ought to have a deeper meaning to their wearer. We embed educational qualities in our garments, offering a platform of learning life long skills, encouraging problem solving skills and creative thinking.

You can also learn to make your own clothing from scratch! AlmaBorealis team love to share the skills and secrets of knitting, and we have a transportable workshop kit of knitting machines and yarn that we take around the country!

Children and adults are guided through the design process of a knitted accessory such as a scarf, choose patterns and colours and knit their own clothing. These knitting machine workshops bridge a gap between needlecraft and gender stereotypes, the use of oily and industrial looking machines ignites curiosity across genders and gaining a soft and personalised end product is pure magic!

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Knitting machine workshops with children and adults at Fruitmarket 'Littlesmarket' in Edinburgh (2018) and at RSE event 'Colours Of Art and Science' in Inverness (2019). Image credits: Elspeth Thomson and Paul Campbell Photography