We run machine knitting courses for children, with our portable manually operated knitting machines.

'Knit Your Woolly Wonders' (working title) – workshop offers an opportunity for members of the public to design and manufacture their own scarves on a manually operated knitting machine. To the participant this process often strikes as somewhat magic; witnessing their chosen design emerge as the elbow-powered carriage of the machine traverses from left to right and right to left, provides an awe-inspiring experience. The participants do not only walk away with a professional quality scarf made with natural fibres, but also, a great sense of achievement, inspiration for creativity and a deeper understanding of the manufacturing of knitted textiles.

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Knitting machine workshops with children and adults at Fruitmarket 'Littlesmarket' in Edinburgh (2018) and at RSE event 'Colours Of Art and Science' in Inverness (2019). Image credits: Elspeth Thomson and Paul Campbell Photography