Prepairing a child for adulthood

AlmaBorealis believes that the child is the key. They will grow up to be the next 'big people', the next big thinkers, decision makers and influencers of worldly matters.  We believe in child centered learning, where each individual is celebrated as a unique member of the society. Maria Montessori, Friedrich Froebel and Freinet, pedagogues and theorists of early childhood development have inspired us to merge children's clothing design and these world renown theories to create child centered garments which allows room for growth, both physical and physiological!

Preserving a healthy environment

Circular economy business model, by Walter R. Stahel, helps us understand how we could create clothing that minimises the use of natural resources, maximises life-in-use stage and a plan for the end of life, either in compostable or re-usable form.


Traditional skills such as knitting, sewing and woodwork, help to develop dexterity and creative thinking. These skills are being lost as many educational institutions are removing them out of their curriculum. The BBC has reported how surgeon students lack dexterity to sew up patients, due to lots of swiping of smartphones.  Has the creating, the making, of an item or object,  an intangible value beyond the end product itself?

By inviting a child to co-create their own clothing, not only does this allow room for exploration and expression of the self  but also offers a platform for a deeper learning experience, building a bank of life long skills such as dexterity, problem solving and creative thinking. 

Co-creating with a parent or a grandparent allows moments of concentrated quietness between generations, inspires the sharing of stories and enriching a child's understanding and connection making with the wider world and their place within it.