AlmaBorealis creates knitwear for kids and anyone else as adventurous! 

I am Maija Talvikki, the founder and creator of AlmaBorealis (in that picture on the right, holding a cone of 100% British Blue Faced Leicester yarn)

I want to make products, to keep you or your little one warm, protected and happy. 

I create everything with the passion I have for (all with equal importance):

a. clothes we wear

b. knitting

c. children and their education

d. environmental welfare in production (all stages)

e. animal welfare in yarn production

By blending all the above (a-e) the result is AlmaBorealis!

I source yarns from Britain and favour traditional sheep breeds native to the country. This is not to say I exculde other lovingly made yarns from other parts of the world. 

Currently the garments are made with 100% Blue Faced Leicester, incredibly soft to touch with a luscious sheen. This yarn is also washable and very durable in use. Which leads us to the next paragraph of this blurb...

The garments made by AlmaBorealis are thought through, designed so that they could be worn long for a long time. Even on a growing child (who eats their greens!). The sihoettes are classic and versatile, regardless of age. The reversible elements in the garments generate pro-longed curiosity and FUN!

Everything is made at my home studio in the Scottish Borders, inspired from beginning to end by my now four year old daughter, Alma. 

Have a look at pictures here: http://www.almaborealis.com/current-project/index

The garments are available here with the one and only SODS:


Watch a short video about the ideas behind Alma Borealis and Maija's work: