AlmaBorealis is a creation of Maija Talvikki, a Finnish knitted textile designer located in the Scottish Borders. 

Maija Talvikki designs innovative, textural and visually stimulating knitted fabrics for children aged 2-6 (and for grown-ups with an adventurous mind!) to inspire creativity, imagination and encourage independent dressing.

Research into local, sustainable and ethical raw materials (in our case, yarn!) continues throughout Maija Talvikki's work, currently Maija mainly uses Blue Face Leicester and Scottish Borders Alpaca yarns which are super soft and durable, with minimum yarn miles behind them.

Maija Talvikki previously worked as a theatrical costumier and milliner, which visibily echoes throughout her designs. This is where Maija Talvikki's imagination was pushed to find its bounderies just to realise there were none.

Maija constantly keeps developing new ideas to plot for a better future for us and the planet whilst creating nice things to wear and share.

See some of Maija's work here.

Watch a short video about the ideas behind Alma Borealis and Maija's work: