Thinkers and creators of child inclusive clothing and other curiosities that explore the merging of children's design and early childhood development theories, promoting life long skills in a child.

Makers of clothing that invite a child to create, think, play, learn and grow with their clothing, providing a platform for deeper learning experiences. Problem solving, creative thinking, adaptive mindset as well as independent dressing go hand-in-hand with an everyday garment and maybe even pour some fun in a morning routine.

Facilitators of creative workshops for children (and sometimes adults too!) to engage with their creativity and making skills, to ignite curiosity for craft and self-expression through clothing.

Almaborealis was set up by knitwear designer Maija Nygren when during her studies, when she began to question the role of the designer, the industry and the end user and decided to explore avenues to maintain her passion of knitted textiles whilst considering the environmental impact of each piece.

Awards and nominations: 
Semi-finalist at Converge Challenge 'Impact Category',  
Venture Award Winner by  Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Dundee

Carr Doughty Bursary, The Worshipful Company of Framework Knitters
BUAS Bursary, Border Union Agriculture Society